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High Performance Wire Rope

High performance wire rope comes in 35×7 Class rotation resistant and 8×25 Class rotation and each has its unique uses. Scroll down to view charts that showcase each option’s diameter, weight and strength.

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high performance wire rope
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High Performance 35×7 Class Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

The 35×7 class rotation resistant wire rope is used on a wide variety of heavy-duty cranes with a flexible design has multi-application hoist with high rotation resistance. It has both compacted inner and outer strands with a balanced design with a greater amount of inner strands to counteract the torque of the inner strands. It is especially suited for multi-layer spooling with crush and abrasion resistance.

It is able to be used with or without a swivel resulting in no loss of breaking strength and is Ideal for single or multi-part line. This is an excellent performance and extended service life option.

This option is available in bright or galvanized.

35x7 rotation resistant wire rope

High Performance 8×25 Class

The 8×25 Class is used mainly for boom line applications and on luffing cranes and is not a rotation resistant wire rope. It will rotate. it’s eight strand design has compacted outer wires and strands and has a high breaking strength. It is especially suited for multi-layer spooling with its high crush and abrasion resistance. The stabilized rope structure and flattened wire design maximizes the surface contact area and stress distribution. This class is renowned for its excellent performance and extended service life.

It is available in bright or galvanized.

specialty wire rope

Never exceed published working load limit. Always read and understand the warning and proper usage. See General Warnings.