General Warnings and Information

Our general warnings are intended to identify only those risks which are most common. The responsibility and understanding of the proper use and application of the products in our catalog, ultimately rest with the end user. We are not responsible for the end user’s assembly in which our products may be used. Failure of the product can occur due to misapplication, abuse, intentional alteration or improper maintenance. Product failure can result in property damage, personal injury or death.

Working Load Limit (WLL)

The maximum loads that shall be applied in direct tension to an undamaged piece of rigging equipment in a straight line pull. DO NOT EXCEED WORKING LOAD LIMIT

Minimum Breaking Strength

Breaking strength is measured in a controlled environment and in a factory condition, and is not to be used as criteria for service or design purposes.

The Working Load Limit of each product may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration, and environmental conditions. All rigging products must be inspected prior to every use. If you have any doubt, immediately remove the product from service and consult a trained professional.

Failure to do so could result in possible injury or death.

Jack O. Blair Corporation accepts no liability for any such abuse or misuse.

Always remember to properly match lifting components when used in conjunction. Always remember, any lifting component is only as strong as its weakest link. Only Grade 80 or higher chain and components or fittings are approved for overhead lifting.

Do not exceed the working load limit of any product even if the product is new.

Always remember that working load limit is based on a straight line pull in a gradually increasing manner.

Sling angles, shock loading, and other conditions will effect and reduce the working load limit

Shock loading is prohibited and side loading must be avoided.

Always keep out from under a raised load and away from moving loads.

Lifting and rigging is a serious business. It is your obligation to familiarize yourself with all applicable standards, as they apply to the industry that our products are used. Consult OSHA, ANSI, API or your safety department for applicable standards.

Wire Rope


Wire Rope failure may cause serious injury or death.

  • Always confirm work load limits prior to usage.
  • Never exceed safe workload limits.
  • Never use worn out Wire Rope
  • Avoid shock load.
  • Inspect Wire Rope before use and regularly.
  • Wire Rope needs proper care and maintenance.


Dimensions and Weights

Please remember all dimensions and weights are approximate and are used for reference purposes only. Information or data may be subject to change.